The Right Appointment Type For Your Pet

Stay & Play

Being a cage-free facility allows us to build a positive, loving relationship with your pet. This type of appointment gives your pet the opportunity to socialize prior to his/her grooming. Fresh water and multiple bathroom breaks will be provided.

In & Out

Please request our In & Out appointment if you wish for your pet to not be socialized during his/her visit. These appointments are available for fearful, aggressive, elderly, or special needs pets. Call to speak with a DGB Pet Specialist about your pet’s specific needs.

What’s Included?

Every DGB grooming includes a full-body spaw treatment!

  • 2 shampoos and 1 deep-conditioning treatment

  • Tearless foaming facial

  • Ear cleaning and removal of ear hair for specific breeds

  • Towel dry

  • Application of leave-in silky finish coat conditioner

  • Hand blow dry and fluff

  • Full brush and comb out

  • Nails clipped and filed smooth

  • Paw pad hair trimmed

  • Sanitary areas trimmed

  • Haircut length and style specified between Pet Parent and Pet Specialist

  • Finishing touches – bandanas, bows, and scented sprays

Additional Services

Offered Upon Request

  • Teeth Brushing - $8

    • Your pet will receive a full teeth brushing with pet-safe toothpaste and tooth brush, along with a foaming gum and tartar treatment for extra fresh breath!

  • Anal Gland Expression - $10

    • The anal glands are typically released by your dog during a bowel movement. If the sacs become full of fluid your dog may need some extra help and a DGB Pet Specialist can express the glands by hand. Licking, itching, scooting, or a fishy smell may be a sign that your pet needs this service.

  • Paw Pad Treatment - $8

    • Does your pet have dry, cracked paw pads? This service provides a deep moisturizing treatment and massage for your pets paw pads.

  • Walk-In Nail Trim - $17-25

    • No need to schedule! A call ahead to check groomer availability is recommended. Prices dependent on frequency, pet size, and behavior.

  • Nail Trim Package - $40-60 for 4 services

    • Every grooming includes a nail cut and smooth file but, some pets need a little more help! We can shorten the length of the nerve in the nail by weekly or bi-weekly nail trimming packages. Ask your groomer about the benefits!

  • Teeth Brushing & Paw Pad Package - $12

    • Combine our teeth and paw treatments and save!

What To Know Before You Go

  • A price for full service grooming is determined by many factors, including breed, size, coat condition, and behavior. At DGB we believe every pet deserves a grooming experience tailored to his or her unique needs, some of which may not be apparent until the groomer has thoroughly evaluated the skin and coat. A pet specialist can provide you with a wide-range quote based on breed, or you may stop-in with your pet for a quote during grooming hours. Final price cannot be determined until your pet’s grooming has been completed. Your understanding is appreciated.

  • DGB will correct or treat any conditions we feel are required or in the best interest of your pet’s safety and well-being. This may include, but is not limited to, flea/tick baths, skunk or deodorizing treatment, mat removal, topical skin treatments, anal gland expression, etc. Some of these treatments may result in additional charges. Matting of the coat is not uncommon, and the Pet Specialists at DGB are trained and equipped to safely remove any matting found during the grooming process. In the event of severe matting, the groomer may deem it necessary to shave your pet or areas of your pet’s coat. We commit to always communicating with you about your pet’s health and safety!

  • Your pet must be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines. Please bring a copy of your pet’s veterinary records to your appointment, or send them to us before you go! For more information on vaccines and why we require them, see our Vaccinations page.

  • Before entering the salon, please make sure your pet has had the opportunity to relieve themselves. The grass patch in the DGB plaza next to Hamlet Liquor and Wine is equipped with a DogiPot and waste bags for your convenience.

  • We appreciate your patience when checking in and picking up your pet. Please be aware of and exercise courtesy towards other pets and pet parents who may be in the lobby or safety zone. We ask that you plan to enter DGB with your pet secured on a leash, and always wait for verbal clearance before opening our safety door marked with a STOP sign. The safety of your pet and other pets in our care is our number one priority.

  • Pet behavior and emotions are similar to those of young children, who may become agitated when they realize mommy or daddy is leaving them behind! With your help, we can make the transition into the grooming environment swift and positive so your pup can get down to business - socializing with new friends, and enjoying their spa day!

  • Be mindful that your pet may be tired after a long day of DGB play. Let’s face it - becoming Dog-Gone Beautiful is hard work!