The DGB Difference

Superior Products

At DGB we believe that every pet deserves a specialized grooming experience from start to finish. That’s why we stock a wide variety of products designed for the unique skin and coat needs of every breed. Each DGB bath begins with one of our HydroSurge® bathing systems, which introduces a deep cleansing base shampoo to the coat and brings oxygen to the skin while providing a gentle massaging effect. Our DGB pet specialists then select a shampoo based on your dog’s individual needs from our line of high-quality Nature’s Specialties products, which is applied with a full body hand scrub. These specialty shampoos are designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including:

  • eliminating greasy coats

  • exfoliating and soothing dry, flaky skin

  • medicating sensitive or irritated skin with natural neem, aloe vera, or essential lavender

  • enhancing dark coats, restoring brassy or sun-bleached coats

  • brightening light-colored coats

  • removing heavy undercoat, detangling, and breaking up matting

  • adding texture and volume

  • restoring conditioning proteins to dry & brittle hair

Bath and dry for all heavily shedding breeds includes a “de-furm” treatment. Our advanced conditioning products loosen the dead undercoat that causes shedding, and high velocity dryers are used in both wet and dry applications to gently and effectively remove unwanted hair and improve coat manageability by blowing tangles away from the skin and temporarily straightening the hair. Once dry, our groomers use brushes, combs, and other safe and specialized grooming tools to address your pet’s individual coat type.

Safety First

Your pet’s health and safety is our number one priority!

  • Utilize our gradual entry and exit system through our “safety zone”

  • Only soft & secure slip leads are used for walking to our designated potty area

  • Hydraulic grooming tables allow large dogs to easily step on and off from a safe height

  • Belly bands and soft collar tethers offer secure and gentle restraint on grooming & drying tables and in the bathtub

  • High velocity hand dryers are used under direct Pet Specialist supervision, followed by cool, free-flow fan crates - NEVER hot closed cage dryers which can cause pets to become dangerously overheated!

Stop In

You may visit our salon at any time during business hours! There is a full view of the DGB main salon area from our lobby and even a closer view when you step into the "safety zone." You will notice our bathing and drying area behind a white door with a window. This door is kept closed while drying pets simply to reduce noise in the main salon. You may ask to view any area of the salon at anytime. Remember, DGB is a cage-free facility and pets may be cautious of strangers - please ask before reaching in to pet or opening any doors marked with a Stop Sign.